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– Complimentary Consultations: Your first consultation is complimentary, so what are you waiting for?  Give us a call!
– Optimized/Ojbect Placement Floor Plans: A simple floor plan that illustrates where furniture might be placed in a space. It serves as a quick guide for object placement and is also a great tool for moving day. Once a plan is created, it can be provided to the movers as a furniture placement map.
Useful for: Eliminating the stress associated with furniture placement in a new space.  With this tool, there will be no doubt as to whether furnishings fit in the space and where they are best located.
Cost: $200 if we have a floor plan to build off of, and $300 if we have to go out and measure to create the floor plan from scratch.
– 3D Sketches or Plans: A great tool for those that need a bit more help in visualizing the space.  A 3-D sketch can illustrate finishes, furnishings, depth and flow of the space. It will help you make decisions and eliminate any doubts as to how the space will feel and function.
Useful for: Any type of built-ins such as Kitchens and Baths but also works perfectly to illustrate all furniture in a space. We use exact measurements to eliminate error.
Cost: $1500 (per space) and can be more depending on complexity. We provide 5 different perspectives/views of the space, including an areal view. Additional views can be provided if requested.
– High Resolution 3D Renderings:  A Photo-Realistic view of the space. With a High Resolution Rendering, we can illustrate every detail, including specific furnishings  and Finishes down to the last detail using exact measurements. With this tool, there is no chance for doubt as you will be able to view the completed space with all elements chosen before it is built.
Useful for: Commercial or Residential renovations.
Cost: $2500 (per space) but can be more depending on complexity of work. We provide 5 different perspectives, including an areal view. Additional views can be provided if requested.
– Moving day coordination and planning: We offer a turnkey service for homeowners who want a no fuss move. This includes creating a game plan for furniture placement in the new home to incorporate both new and current furnishings, as well as coordinating your move with the moving company so everything is placed according to plan. Any remodeling or cosmetic work, such as painting and light fixture installations or Hanging of artwork can also be done as part of this service. Everything is done for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your new home!