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Designer Walk-through: A brief meeting at the property of interest with both you and your client. We have an Exchange of ideas with them to determine the areas of Focus so we can hep them visualize the potential of the property.

When to call us: Call us when you have a client who is ready to move forward and has narrowed it down to 1 or 2 properties. This service works well at the end of the property search, not at the beginning.

Cost: Complimentary


Complimentary Furniture Layout: A service where we meet with both you and the client at their current home to help them evaluate their current furnishings so they make smart decisions about the pieces to bring with them to their new home. This helps them optimize the space in their new home. Simultaneously, we can help them create a plan that merges both new and current furnishings so the new home has optimal flow and function.

When to call us: Call us when your client has just purchased their new home.


Pre & Post Move Design Assistance: If you have a client who is moving, we can help them from start to finish. In Pre-move, we can provide advice, as well as help them with a game plan so all goes smoothly on moving day. In Pre or Post-move, we can assist them with the installation of any items such as light fixtures and Tv’s, or supervise any jobs such as painting, window treatments, floor refinishing, etc.. And for those clients who want a turnkey service, we can handle everything from contracting the moving company, to handling their move, placing all items in their new home, hiring of contractors for painting, hanging of art and light fixtures or tv’s, etc.. The won’t have to lift a finger from beginning to end!

Cost: TBD depending on the size of the job and the work to be done.

When to call us: Call us in the beginning of the decision making process. Once the client purchases the new home and has to organize the move, we’re ready to help!


Estimates: We can provide Preliminary Estimates to your clients based on our previous experience at any point. However, a Detailed Estimate can be provided once the client has purchased the new home. For a Detailed Estimate, we pull all of the necessary contractors to quote out the job so your client has a more accurate cost.


Support for your Listings: Any of the Floor plans & Renderings described above can be uploaded as part of your MLS Listings. This is helpful when advertising new construction or a fixer upper, but can also be used as an additional tool for any type of listing you may have.
** We can also provide any printed plans in larger sizes for open houses!


Optimized Floor Plans: A simple floor plan that illustrates where furniture might be placed in a space. It serves as a quick guide for object placement and is also a great tool for moving day. Once a plan is created, it can be provided to the movers as a furniture placement map.

Useful for: Eliminating the stress associated with furniture placement in a new space.  With this tool, there will be no doubt as to whether furnishings fit in the space and where they are best located.

Cost: $200 if we have a floor plan to build off of, and $300 if we have to go out and measure to create the floor plan from scratch.

– 3D Sketches or Plans: A great tool for those that need a bit more help in visualizing the space.  A 3-D sketch can illustrate finishes, furnishings, depth and flow of the space. It will help you make decisions and eliminate any doubts as to how the space will feel and function.
Useful for: Any type of built-ins such as Kitchens and Baths but also works perfectly to illustrate all furniture in a space. We use exact measurements to eliminate error.
Cost: $1500 (per space) and can be more depending on complexity. We provide 5 different perspectives/views of the space, including an areal view. Additional views can be provided if requested.
– High Resolution 3D Renderings:  A Photo-Realistic view of the space. With a High Resolution Rendering, we can illustrate every detail, including specific furnishings  and Finishes down to the last detail using exact measurements. With this tool, there is no chance for doubt as you will be able to view the completed space with all elements chosen before it is built.
Useful for: Commercial or Residential renovations.
Cost: $2500 (per space) but can be more depending on complexity of work. We provide 5 different perspectives, including an areal view. Additional views can be provided if requested.



Referral Fees-Here is what you will receive if your clients move forward with any of the services described above:


Designer Walk-through- $50

3D Plan- $150

High Resolution Rendering- $250

For a full Remodel or Design: If your client hires us for Interior Design, Decorating or a full Remodel, you will receive 10% of our Gross Profit on the job. This is payable after project completion and final payment has been made by the client.


**Please note this program can change without prior notice.