Mint Decor Miami | About Me
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About Me

MINT DECOR INC has been a long time in the making for me! In fact, my interest in Decorating and Design began as a child. I grew up in Miami and was exposed to many objects, textures and combinations from around the world through my grandparents, who began a store called Cost Plus (now known as World Market). From them I learned how to make a space truly special and unique. My fascination about how to put things together has been with me since then- allowing me to become very skilled at mixing patterns and colors to obtain the most unexpected results.



For 11 years, I lived in the DC area and began decorating homes, which led me to where I am today. I decided to come back to Miami and now live and work in Coconut Grove. As a decorator, I am always busy designing and creating. I love meeting and talking to people and seeing what’s new so I am always inspired. Most importantly, though- I love what I do and believe it shows in every project I complete. HAPPY SPACES ALWAYS = HAPPY PEOPLE, and that’s why I founded MINT DECOR INC.

Daniela Nuila